Thursday, July 13, 2006

How To Get Here - 7/13/06

Still here. I've been busy paving new routes to Attention Span. Just look at the new search strings people used to end up here:

installing a clothesline - Apparently I may have to do a series with "installing a clothesline" "hanging a picture on the wall" and "changing the roll on the toilet paper holder" for some of the manually challenged cruising the blogosphere.

My father was a semi-professional curler - Did he keep his amateur status as a shampooer? I still have four years of college eligibility in beard maintenance.

"semi-permanent" lip - OK, what's the deal with the "semi" stuff? I keep going back to the old George Carlin bit about "semi-boneless ham". Does it have a bone? Then it's a bone, it's not a semi-bone. Perhaps a semi-permanent lip operation can be done by a semi-professional curler?

cat disease balding head - Oh great! I have a cat disease?!?!?!?!

loudest clapper - Personally I don't worry about how loud a clapper is, I just turn the light off at the switch like most people.

does lionel richie sing cherish the love song - These days, Lionel would probably sing anything if the price was right.

what side of the bed should the wife sleep on - Well, obviously the right side. You don't want her waking up on the wrong side of the bed, do you???

romal numeral - You know what they say... "When in Rome, do as the Romals do."

what do you get when you cross an insomniac - With an elephant? Someone who doesn't sleep and can't forget about it.

Enough for now. Real content coming when I get a chance to catch my breath. I promise.


MegLogan said...


Mrs. Meg Logan

julie said...

I would think that when you cross an insolmiac, you get some form of a sleep deprived, bleary eyed mumble...

Funny stuff.


Kim said...

I had a cat who went bald on his head. it was scary.