Thursday, August 31, 2006

I wonder when he figured out that something was wrong

Evangelist Dies Trying To Walk on Water: Pastor reportedly told congregation he could repeat miracle of Jesus

It's an actual news story, so I'm assuming it's actually true. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

Note: It's not a matter of having enough faith to do something to make yourself look cool.


Jennifer said...

I wonder what went wrong.

rev-ed said...

What went wrong was a pastor who didn't stop to consider that Jesus' words about doing "greater things than this" aren't about circus tricks -- they're about salvation.

I'm still wondering what was going through his mind when he was up to his neck in the water...

Lyn said...


Well, what else can one say to that? His congregation is left with the thought that maybe he didn't have as much faith as he thought he did...or if they are critical thinkers in the bunch, maybe, just maybe this guy was a false prophet?!

How sad.

No wonder the world gets such a funny taste in their mouth when they say the word "Christian". *sigh*