Wednesday, June 21, 2006

How To Get Here - 6/21/06

And you thought I'd forgotten... Ladies and Gentlemen, the long-anticipated return of How To Get Here -- the feature which asks the non-musical question, "So, how do so many people end up at Attention Span?" Just look at the new inroads to Attention Span!

emails of the rich pastors in the usa - I'm guessing that this searcher goes by the name of Mubaso and claims to be in the Ivory Coast and will give up a cut of his multi-million dollar fortune if these rich pastors will send over a couple of million in seed money.

indycar hygiene product - I'm not sure what this searcher was thinking, but I can tell you it's not wise to brush your teeth with oil-dry. However there's nothing like driving 220 m.p.h. to get rid of excess cologne smell.

history of asparagas - Would someone PLEASE get this searcher a real hobby?

cross bread bassett hound - OK, a cross on Good Friday, the bread and the wine... that much I understand. But please explain again how a bassett hound fits into the gospels. After feeding the 5000, weren't there 12 bassetts full left over?

a name was laura, she was a showgirl, copacabana - Oh great! Now I'm getting hits from Barry Manilow fans who don't know IT'S LOLA!!! I'm not sure if that makes me better off or worse because I recognized the mistake...

duct tape wallet with hosanna - Kinda like Certs with retcyn, right?

things that can be used as a weapon - Apparently McGyver is doing his homework in the blogosphere.

false preachers have big churches and dress up flashy with diamonds - This hit didn't come from google. It was from

And of course, there is always the road from Christian Carnival #127, hosted by The Bible Archive. And if you're lost with the whole "robots made from five lions" theme, join the club. Some days I feel more out of touch than others.

And for some more great Summer reading, there is always Christian Carnival #126 at Nerd Family, Christian Carnival #125 at Random Acts of Verbiage, and Christian Carnival #124 at Parableman.


Kim said...

I do like the "weapon" one!

Bethany said... do get some rather intersting searches. I've stopped looking at my Google hits since I posted that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt named their daughter the same thing as my daughter.....that's all the hits I ever get now. Sigh....

But yours are terribly funny! :D

pastormac said...


This is pretty funny. Forgive my ignorance, but how do you track your google hits? Is it a service you sign up for or a special counter or tracker or what? if you have a chance to enlighten me through a comment here, I'll check back. If not I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.

rev-ed said...

mac - most site counters enable you to see just how bizarre your visitors are... ;)

Mine is from sitemeter dot com

Jennifer said...

They just get more and more bizarre, don't they?

Mark Ribado said...

I know this is on the verge of being off topic, but its a burning issue in me. I'm a father of 2 little boys and i'm constantly appauled at what I find on the television. I own alot of website filtering software to help with the content issues of the internet. I would like to hear what you think about television programming and children? I suggust posting about it as I think there are many other people interested in hearing what you have to say.

rev-ed said...

Most television program is best viewed by grown-ups... at least 95 and older. ;)

I'll put that topic on the list and see if I can expand on those thoughts in the near future, Mark.

Laura Burnett said...

Wow, that issues right on the money for me. I have the same problem, I did however hear about this Tivo program or something while listening to the radio. Does anybody know about this. Its some sort of parental control feature (If i recall correctly). You guys might want to check this out!

Bethany said...

Hey, I just happened back here where I've already been and already forgotten I've been. But Blest With Sons ( has an excellent series on television viewing on her site. You can find it in the sidebar at the top right of her blog. It is called American Idol.

I cannot link on blogger I'm afraid. I'm terribly dense like that.

MLight said...

I'm going along, reading your blog and enjoying your thoughtful posts - and now I've got Copacabana playing in my head!

(I'll keep reading anyway.)