Tuesday, March 18, 2008

After the Funeral

Thanks to everyone who prayed and sent words of encouragement. The funeral went well, or at least as well as a funeral for a two and a half month old baby can go. Lots of emotion. Hopefully some lessons learned.

I was surprisingly calm except for when my wife came to the funeral home. It did bring back a rush of memories of 17 years ago. Like I told the baby's mom, we never forget. Oddly enough, had my son lived, he'd be the same age as the mother of the two and a half month old baby. I guess I'm getting old.

I talked about not having answers, but having confidence in the afterlife. I spoke about a lack of understanding, but confidence in Christ as the way to the afterlife. And I spoke about God not guaranteeing a lack of trouble, but promising help through the trouble.

Please continue to remember mom and dad and the family, especially over the next few weeks. Thanks so much. And maybe I can get back to a couple of Holy Week posts this week.

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Big Doofus said...


Thanks for keeping us all updated on the situation. I realize that the content of your blog has been very somber lately, but I've enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know you (i.e. more than I know from TrackForum).

If you ever get a chance to visit my blog, please do. I have a few readers (besides my wife) and want to point them your way.

--Media Boy