Friday, March 11, 2005

100 things I am not

I've noticed some bloggers who make a list to help the readers get be more familiar with whoever is posting. Many of these are lists of 100 things about the blogger. Well, it's a cute idea and everything, but I'm not big on being like everybody else. So with that in mind I give you 100 things that I am not.

1. I am not a spring chicken anymore.
2. I am not someone who has to comb his hair every morning. (Bald has it's advantages.)
3. I am not ashamed to call myself a Christian.
4. I am not satisfied with my prayer life.
5. I am not one who keeps a clean desk.
6. I am not one who keeps a clean office.
7. I am not a good example of neatness for my children.
8. I am not one to back down from a good debate.
9. I am not a person who likes a daily routine.
10. I am not an afficianado of classical music.
11. I am not a Calvinist.
12. I am not a true Arminian either.
13. I am not attractive to women.
14. I am not attracted to other women aside from my wife.
15. I am not writing #14 because I'm afraid my wife will read this.
16. I am not a morning person.
17. I am not a sharp dresser.
18. I am not a fan of network television.
19. I am not "high church".
20. I am not as free of pride as I wish to be.
21. I am not a computer expert by any means.
22. I am not impressed by fame.
23. I am not impressed by materialism.
24. I am not immune to materialism.
25. I am not fond of asparagas.
26. I am not sure how to spell asparagas.
27. I am not worthy of what Christ has given me.
28. I am not saved by my works.
29. I am not the most important person in my life. (Although I forget that sometimes.)
30. I am not wearing shoes.
31. I am not comfortable living in a city.
32. I am not especially comfortable living in a town of any size.
33. I am not a good enough worker.
34. I am not even halfway done with this list.
35. I am not into poetry.
36. I am not a musician. (Although I love music.)
37. I am not using all the talents God has given me. (Although the blog helps.)
38. I am not someone who can spend a lot of time talking about guns.
39. I am not without my faults.
40. I am not giving up anything for Lent.
41. I am not ready for Sunday's worship service.
42. I am not getting any more ready by typing this list.
43. I am not a Rush Limbaugh fan.
44. I am not a Michael Moore fan.
45. I am not a person who wants to be pigeonholed by politics.
46. I am not allergic to any medication.
47. I am not familiar with most top 40 artists today.
48. I am not easily stumped on music trivia (provided it doesn't cover the last 10 years.)
49. I am not offended by profanity except when it comes from a Christian.
50. I am not a reader of much fiction.
51. I am not sure why you've read this far.
52. I am not looking for fame by blogging.
53. I am not writing as much for the reader as I am for myself. (At least at this point.)
54. I am not sure about a proper end-times theology.
55. I am not a fan of the Left Behind series.
56. I am not comfortable going a week without being in a worship service.
57. I am not as mature in my faith as I think I should be.
58. I am not happy with the way the church is stereotyped by many people.
59. I am not suffering for my faith the way I could be.
60. I am not as understanding of a husband as I should be.
61. I am not kidding.
62. I am not overcome by worry. (Although I do have a long to-do list.)
63. I am not afraid of death. (Although I'd really enjoy sticking around this earth for a while.)
64. I am not planning on ever retiring.
65. I am not planning on joining the circus.
66. I am not doing enough planning for my future.
67. I am not any happier than when I am with my wife and children.
68. I am not opposed to being alone for a while each day.
69. I am not from a large family.
70. I am not as important as I think I am.
71. I am not getting to bed as early as I should.
72. I am not a fan of televised golf.
73. I am not normally a viewer of tennis on TV. (But when I was a kid, I sure was.)
74. I am not happy that we as Christians get too comfortable in our faith.
75. I am not happy when I get stuck in my own comfort zone.
76. I am not happy waching people simply go through the motions of worship.
77. I am not an American first. (I am a Christian first.)
78. I am not sure what my kids will be like in another 15 years.
79. I am not pleasing God with all that I do.
80. I am not reaching out to people as I want to.
81. I am not as caring to people whom I don't know. (And I hate that about myself.)
82. I am not the example for people to follow.
83. I am not comfortable asking for prayers for myself.
84. I am not consistent in the way I treat people.
85. I am not sounding very Christian, based on the last few items.
86. I am not the same person I was in college. (Thank God for that!)
87. I am not good at using my time wisely.
88. I am not too embarassed to buy feminine hygiene products for my wife at Wal-Mart.
89. I am not expecting most Americans to come to Jesus. (Although I'd love to be wrong.)
90. I am not funny. (My wife keeps telling me that.)
91. I am not the right weight for my height.
92. I am not the righ height for my weight either. (I should be 12 feet, 4 inches!)
93. I am not a bad guy.
94. I am not perfect (by any means.)
95. I am not going to proofread this list because I'm sick of it already.
96. I am not my own -- I've been bought with a price.
97. I am not as big of a fan of Christmas as I am of Easter.
98. I am not worth much of anything without my wife.
99. I am not a full-time pastor, even though I put in full-time hours.
100. I am not the smartest or the most talented, but I thank God for what He has given me.

Oh, and one other thing: I AM glad I've reached #100. Hope you are too.


The Nutter said...

"I am not someone who has to comb his hair every morning. (Bald has it's advantages.)"

I tried to tell my wife, "Grass doesn't grow on a busy street." She said, "You're right! It doesn't grow on concrete, does it?"

rev-ed said...

Ouch! That'll leave a mark. And you can't comb your hair over it. . . ;-)

Amy said...

Heh, heh, Do I win an award for reading the whole list?

Thanks for the peek inside your (bald) head.

rev-ed said...

Sure, Amy. I'll mail you over my old comb and the pick from my ill-advised "perm years". . .

MegLogan said...

I am not satisfied. Tell us more!! EEEH just kidding. Great to get to know you ReV Ed. Still reading your site!! *grin* Betcha didnt know what you were committingyourself to when you said you would write 100 things!! (Oh how boring those lists get when you are writing it! I know I have one myself)

But I think that they are quite telling especially when you take the tone of the whole list over just what is mentioned IN the list.

See ya,