Monday, March 14, 2005

Good Reading

I realized that I get so much stimulating reading by surfing various blogs, but I rarely pass it along to the three or four readers of this blog. So until I get my thoughts finalized, here are a few places to get your mind a square meal.

At Allthings2all, the Science and Christianity Showcase is posted. Lots of great thinking there. Also see some of the related stuff Kevin has written on the subject over at Short Attention Span.

Tom at Brain Twitch has posted an idea similar to something I have been working out mentally, but he stated it better than I was even envisioning. He sees the pastor as the leader of an expedition.

Amy at Poor Mouth writes about A Thing of Beauty -- "how beautiful" and "seductive" have become almost synonymous.

Kristen writes about that beautiful, mysterious relationship called marriage at Walking Circumspectly.

Wilsonian at biscotti brain discovers the Gospel According to Kramer.

At The View, Teresa writes about the woman in Atlanta who talked a killer into surrender and about the people God brings into our lives.

And at the Thinklings, Jared posts about visiting a church. You'll read more about this from me in the near future, I'm sure.


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