Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Interesting Developments

First we had the story of a blogger who was fired for a post on his blog. I mentioned Lance from Ragged Edges last week. Go check the posts since then and see a whole lot of backbiting and accusations leveled from "anonymous" commenters. How sad to see people act like this. Continue to pray for Lance and his family as they prepare to move and look for work.

Next we find a blogger ending his blog because of fears that his opinions will keep him from advancing in his career. D. Mobley is taking down A Physicist's Perspective. Go read some of the archives of this very good blogger.

A shout out to new blogger Donnie at Parable of the Net, who interacted with my Star Spangled Idol post and gave it a beautiful real-life extension.

And don't neglect the latest Star Wars-flavored edition of Christian Carnival over at The Bible Archive. I can't wait to dig into some of those features.

Now I'm off to finish picking up discarded bottle rockets from the backyard...

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