Wednesday, July 20, 2005

More Harry Stuff

I've appreciated the comments and discussion about my Harry Potter post. I added an update featuring a Bible study based on HP to the original post. Now here's another HP post at Out in the Sticks with a few quotes from each side of the argument. Toss in a good synopsis from Jollyblogger, some thoughts from Gad(d)about and the other side of the coin from Cerulean Sanctum and you should be about all Harry-ed out. If not, Theology Thursday at Joe Missionary features HP and I was reminded that Jennifer's post earlier this week "The Puritans Return" at Idle Rambling Thoughts... was a HP post (and a good one) but it describes another "occultic" situation.

Oh, and this week's Christian Carnival will be a day late (and possibly a dollar short), but it rolls into town Thursday over at ChristWeb.

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