Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Storm Front Coming

As I sit typing this evening, the lights are occasionally flickering and the thunder is almost constantly rumbling. Storms don't scare me. This one is, in fact, a welcome sight. You see, for the past few weeks the heat has been very uncomfortable. It was so hot that outdoor activities just haven't been as fun as they should be. Today the humidity made the air feel thick. Sweat dripped into places I didn't know I had. My shirt wouldn't even dry from all the moisture in the air. The weather has caused a lot of discomfort and sleepless nights.

But the storm front is coming. And now it's here.

Storms aren't usually pleasant experiences. I know people who suffered property damage last night due to a storm. Some people are terrified of the lightning and the high winds. A few have ridden out hurricanes and tornadoes and have bad memories. Storms are not what we usually look forward to.

But after weeks of heat and humidity; day upon day of 93 degrees and 95% humidity, the storm front has arrived. Tomorrow's forecast calls for a high temperature of 72 degrees. The heat wave is broken. The long string of suffering through the heat has ended.

But it took a storm to change it.

Now, you supply the application to your own life.

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