Sunday, November 27, 2005

Good Reads - 11/27/05

As you find yourself coming out of your turkey-eating, obsessive-shopping haze, how about a few things to help you clear your head? I've stumbled across some good stuff over the weekend.

Like this post from Teresa at Restoration Station comparing the problems she has had with her own won to the attitude our heavenly Father has toward us.

Feel like taking on pop culture? How about this post at Culture Watch where Douglas Groothuis correctly calls Oprah Winfrey a false prophet? He references Chuck Colson's commentary on the same topic. (A tip of the ol' ballcap to Phil at Every Thought Captive.)

Phil at Pyromaniac puts out a great observational post about engaging postmodernists in conversation. The 'maniac does a great job of reminding us how their ground rules are stacked against anyone convinced of an opinion.

And if you've finished part 1 of Christian Carnival #97, try part 2 now posted at Thought Renewal.

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