Wednesday, November 23, 2005

How To Get Here - Nov. 2005 Edition

Don't worry about missing your exit on the Interstate. Fret not over hidden street signs. No need to panic when the map is lost. You can get to Attention Span via any number of highways. Just look at the searches these people used to find me:

maryann nude gilligan - I must have missed that episode.

sugar cream pie recipe - This is no recipe blog, but there's always room for pie. Especially Wick's sugar cream pie.

Christian's who posed nude - I'm not sure, but I think someone with limited knowledge of apostrophe use is looking for a few good hypocrites.

if everyone was like me what would my church be - An interesting question. I hope I answered it somewhere along the line.

SONG C'MON EVERYBODY - I don't think I've ever mentioned Eddie Cochran by name, so I doubt this searcher found what he was looking for.

wife is control freak
men fear of commitment - Sounds like a man and wife each found Attention Span, huh?

Those will get you here. But to get to Christian Carnival XCVII, just head to Thought Renewal, this week's host, where part one is posted. Lots of great holiday weekend reading there. Yours truly is represented twice, technically. My own entry, The Downward Slide is in the Sky Swings section, while Jeff the Baptist's reaction to my post, Advertising Our Faith, is on the thriller.

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