Friday, December 09, 2005

Good Reads 12/9/05

Ah, the interesting things I run into when I wander aimlessly in the blogosphere...

Here's an interesting post from an evolutionist who talks about how he has faith in science like a creationist has faith in God. Interesting discussion in the comments section too.

Rey from The Bible Archive describes how his life changed last week with a seizure.

Ever been to a wedding where the bride was a real dog? And so was the groom? Todd of Monday Morning Insight has the story of a pastor who officiated at the $1200 wedding of two dogs. That money probably would have built a church in Central America...

With the cries of, "I want that for Christmas" from the mouth of my four year old ringing in my ears, it did me good to read this post on contentment at Amy's Humble Musings.

Faking tongues? Hearing reports myself of repeating, "Tie my bowtie," over and over to coax tongues out of a person, this post at Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength was interesting. I'd love to see more comment and reaction to it.

And finally, John MacArthur pinch-hits for the Pyromaniac with this great post about the importance of doctrine. I found it on the heels of reading this from Marla at Always Thirsty. She notes that a recent Christian blog contest was won by a Mormon and called Christians to better discernment regarding the Latter Day Saints. Marla was attacked in the comments by two LDS ladies who obviously missed the point of the post. They chastised her for not being loving toward Mormons -- interesting since the post only mentioned truth, not hatred. Truth in love is what we strive for as Christians, right? Why do some twist this to mean we are never to disagree or to take a stand for doctrine? Congratulations to Marla for her stand for doctrine. She also follows up the whole confrontation here.

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