Thursday, December 01, 2005


As a pastor, I really don't get to too many different worship services. When I do get somewhere else it's usually a church from my own tradition, so I don't often experience different types of worship. So please excuse my ignorance. But are there large numbers of churches where the Bible is never mentioned, let alone read?

I've heard multiple reports in the past few months of folks who either visited or normally attend churches besides mine. Many of them complained that in those other churches, the Bible was all but ignored. Sure there was talk about improving one's life and about being a better person, but no one read Scripture and the pastor might only mention a passage in passing. Now I realize that this has been going on in some of the more liberal churches for some time, but I was not aware that it was becoming more wide spread. Each time I was told of the practices of other churches, I was thanked for reading and quoting the Bible in the service I had led. One person hadn't realized how much she had missed hearing it.

So I ask you -- how is the Bible used in the services you attend? Is the Bible used at all? Do you want more or less Scripture read and used? Is it really a turn-off for someone in a church service to hear from God's Word?

One final question -- what do you think God would want?

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