Monday, December 05, 2005


I recently picked up George Barna's book, revolution, based partly on it's relative thinness compared to other stuff which looked interesting, but mostly because of the intriguing subtitle, "Finding Vibrant Faith Beyond the Walls of the Sanctuary." I thought it would be good to see Barna's findings about Christians who don't attend church.

While he deals with that subject, what has struck me so far is this description the type of person whom Barna has dubbed a "Revolutionary". My simple defintion of Revolutionary is someone who is actually living out his Christian faith. Barna puts it this way:
It is the persistent exercise of these seven passions [intimate worship, faith-based conversations, intentional spiritual growth, servanthood, resource investment, spiritual friendships, and family faith] that makes Revolutionaries just what their name implies. They are not perfect people, and they are not always the best example of genuine Christian behavior. But they are obsessed with becoming just that. (emphasis mine)

The list of seven passions is something I'll come back to in a later post, but the striking part of this paragraph for me is the part I highlighted. It is, after all, what we as Christians are supposed to be -- obsessed with being the best example of genuine Christian behavior. I don't see it as simply being a demonstration for others to follow, but an inward attitude which affects us from the inside out. I can certainly publically demonstate many of those passions which Barna lists. I can privately participate in more of those listed desires. But where I fear I fall short is the word "obsessed". Am I truly obsessed with pursuing God and letting our relationship determine my actions?

At, I found this definition of obsessed:
1: having or showing excessive or compulsive concern with something;
2: influenced or controlled by a powerful force such as a strong emotion;

Studying those definitions, I see that the times when I am actually obsessed with becoming an example of genuine Christian behavior are few and far between. I can be obsessed with NFL football on a Sunday afternoon. I can be obsessed with IndyCar racing during the month of May. But my obsession with my Lord and Savior likes to hide behind my obsession to sleep or to write or to read. And if my obsession for Christ isn't steady, it really isn't an obsession at all.

That needs to change.

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