Monday, April 17, 2006

Good Reads - Post Easter

Gotta plug these posts which really touched me.

Teresa at Restoration Station reminds us that God speaks to us in ways we don't expect, and when we do expect it, we often miss it. "Are We Listening?"

Over at A Preacher's Journey, John examines the uproar over Wal-Mart selling copies of Brokeback Mountain in it's stores, and asks, "Is Cleaning Up Wal-Mart Our Job?"

Tim of Callmeteem fame gives a beautiful illustration of how we can glorify God. "Luke and the Glory of God."

Then Lorna at see-through-faith awakes late on Friday and recalls a Maunday Thursday service -- my favorite night of Holy Week. "Good Friday"

More good stuff is coming on Wednesday at Attention Span hosts Christian Carnival CXVIII, which is either #118 or Vanna put all the vowels at the end. Submissions to ChristianCarnival at GMail dot com are due at Midnight Tuesday night (EDT).

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greg said...

the wal-mart post is right on. I particularly liked: "And the more we reduce Christianity to mere legalism, the less welcome and effective and relevant we become to the world around us." I wrote a similar post (although not nearly as good) over them getting all bent out of shape about "happy holidays" back in december. thanks for passing these on.