Thursday, April 06, 2006

How to Get Here - April Fools

My one-time experiment is now a much-heralded and highly-anticipated weekly feature. (At least at some of the higher-class Homes for the Easily Amused.) You know the way to get here. It seems there are fewer and fewer ways not to get here. Here's how a few adventurous souls stumbled into Attention Span in the first week of April:

life span of the boiled egg - Life span? Boiled eggs are ALIVE??!! ARGH!

teenager exact attention span - Exactly 0.0386 seconds. Unless you are handing out money.

swerving to miss hitting a deer during pregnancy - Out of curiosity, how are you supposed to tell if the deer is pregnant?

biracial skin color photos - I'm guessing one-color photography is all that's needed for this?

smelling something that isn't there - Like a Phantom Fragrance? Or a Ghost Stink? Don't worry about that stuff. It's the stuff that is there that really stinks.

xena's lesbian kiss - Sorry, pal. Plenty of other places on the web to find that kind of stuff.

redheads and anger - love and marriage, peanut butter and jelly, church potlucks and Sunday afternoon naps... it's all good.

And as an added bonus, this search got someone to my Bible study blog, Clearing My Head:
Joseph being sold to the Israelites - picture - I'm not sure which I'm most alarmed about... that someone is so confused that he thinks Joseph's brothers bought him back for some reason, or that he expected a photographer to be there to capture the event.

Of course you can always follow the avenue leading from my post at Christian Carnival CXVI now posted at the outer...


Jennifer said...

As usual, these all crack me up. I love the Phantom Fragrance!

The Angry Redhead

Anonymous said...

Q: What's the difference between a redhead and a terrorist?

A: You can negotiate with a terrorist.

wilsonian said...

LOL! No matter how they arrive, they'll always find something good when they get here.

Bethany said...

You wouldn't believe what people will google a picture of...because my blog has picture in the title I get hits for pictures of contentment, pictures of men in girlie clothes (?), pictures of the plagues in Egypt, and pictures of anything else imaginable (and people tend to have bigger imaginations than I do, it seems!)