Saturday, April 22, 2006

How To Get Here - 4-22-06

Since I hosted Christian Carnival this week, I didn't have an excuse for posting How To Get Here. So, I've decided that I need no reason this week. Besides, they're really starting to pile up. So without further ado, these are actual search strings which brought actual computer-savvy people to Attention Span:

leave nobody behind scripture - Nobody?? But what will Tim LaHaye have to write about??

"kristen's cookie company" - First Kristen gets these searches, now I get them. Guard your computers everyone, this may be a virus...

cracker jack doggy - The one on the box or the big fat hound who ate his way through a case of Cracker Jack when he was left alone in the house?

nascar race during pregnancy - Um... I hate to break it to you, but there's bound to be more than one NASCAR race during your pregnancy unless you are some kind of insect. Just paint a "3" on your belly and enjoy!

science obstacle course - OK, run around the electron microscope, weave through the row of bunsen burners and then jump over the barrel of potassium nitrate.

5 year old does not pay attention - Well, duh. First time around kids?

whinny 4 year old - Well duh. Second search today, huh?

jo cross super nanny daily routine - Finally! Someone to take care of the distracted 5 year old and the "whinny" 4 year old!

it's all about t-shirts - Would someone please get this searcher a pair of pants!!!

duct tape wallets - Easy to make, but it's tough to pull your money out of one.

brain span of a dog - I believe that a dog's brain span reaches from the cookie in your left hand to the other cookie in your right hand.

Happy searching, everyone!

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R. Stewart said...

Actually, a duct tape wallet that sticks to the money is a good thing. Helps you spend less.