Monday, May 09, 2005

Home Schooling -- why?

The topic has popped up on a number of blogs recently, and I thought I'd take an opportunity to hear from the many home schooling families scattered throughout the blogosphere. There are so many stereotypes and caricatures of home schoolers that I wanted to get a little clarity. So here's the deal: here are seven questions for you to answer honestly. You may leave the answers in the comments here, or place a link to your blog in the comments so that I can read what you've written there. (I know some people don't like to get too wordy in the comments sections.) You may even send them via email to rev-ed at verizon dot net if you'd rather. The more response I get, hopefully the truer the respresentation, so don't be afraid to let other home schoolers know and encourage their response.

The questions:

(1) What is the one biggest reason you homeschool your kids? (ex. fear of "indoctrination" at public schools, cost, desire to be closer to your kids, dangerous situations at public schools, etc.)

(2) What is the biggest challenge for you in homeschooling?

(3) Aside from church activities, what outlets have you found for your kids for socialization with other kids or involvement in sports?

(4) Approximately how many home schooled families do you know?

(5) How many years of home schooling will you do for each child? (ex. up to sixth grade, up to high school, complete high school,

(6) What is the one thing you wish non home schoolers would know about home schooling?

(7) Have you ever regretted your decision to home school?

As for me, I have the utmost respect for parents and families who home school, as I know it can be a ton of work. We considered home schooling, but by God's providence moved into a school district which is not slanted away from Christian values or teachings. Until a lawsuit a couple of years ago, a weekly Bible class was offered for elementary students and assemblies sponsored by the Parent's Club began with prayer! I figure I should support a school system like that. And I've kept a close eye on what is taught and how it is taught. And it doesn't hurt that I know a number of the faculty, so I get to hear the inside scoop.

I'll admit that I would have fears about home schooling if I were considering it. My boys are at the age where almost all of their sports activities will be through the school. Then there's the realization that I would have to relearn some of the things I forgot years ago! Other families I have talked to have had more radical fears about home schooling, especially in getting their children to interact with other kids, and a lack of the "gift" of teaching.

So I'd appreciate all the honesty you can muster, even if you feel like you need to be anonymous to do it! Thank you all in advance for your replies.

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