Thursday, August 18, 2005

Outgrowing the Hummer

What happens when the tank, er, SUV you've been driving just isn't big enough anymore? You move up in the world, brothers and sisters! And as a special service to those who are too big for their collective britches, er pickups, I bring you the Navistar CXT.

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That's right, boys and girls. It's like driving the tractor of a tractor-trailer big rig. In fact, the legal vehicle weight is exactly one pound (that's 16 ounces) shy of requiring the driver to be a commercially licensed driver! The word is, just don't take the turns too sharp or your rider will likely be knocked out of the passenger's seat. Oh, and it does get a tree-hugging 9 miles per gallon. OK, maybe not tree hugging, but perhaps it blows the tree a kiss as it rolls by.

Once you've picked up your new CXT and taken out a second mortgage to fuel her up, why not drive it down to Christian Carnival 83 over at All Kinds of Time and fuel up your mind and your imagination as well? And if you finish there and still need more, don't forget about the accidentally-ignored-on-this-blog Christian Carnival 82 at the outer... And since it will take a lot to fill up your tank, see the list of past Christian Carnivals over at Matt Jones' blog.

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