Sunday, August 28, 2005

Reading, Reading, Reading

A few worthwhile posts from blogs not appearing on my blogroll. There's lot of great stuff being written and I wanted to highlight these:

I like this post at The Faithful Skeptic about the "right" amount of bureaucracy for a denomination. Brian uses the United Methodists as an example, but it's a question we've been wrestling with in my own denomination as well.

"Why Ask Why?" is a reassuring post at Uncle Sam's Cabin for those of us who wonder what we ever did to deserve all this.

Ben Witherington takes on the root of all evil -- is it money or the love of money? Read Paul -- Right on the Money for yourself and be challenged.

And try this post at YBMT about the experience of a "Christian outside of the institutional church" who encounters a person in need on a Sunday morning. Some good insights. I'm not linking it to get into an institutional church discussion -- just read it for the great observations Bruce gives.

And one from my blogroll:
Ron at Northern 'burbs writes so many good posts. I've all but given up debating at Evangelical Update because Ron uses all my arguements before I get a chance to! But Ron's recent post "A Modern Babel" really struck me. See if you agree.

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