Sunday, October 02, 2005

Always Changing...

Well... it's green.

I'm not sure I like it, but it was hard enough to get everything right, so I'm not going to mess with it for a while. As an added problem, I seem to have lost all the Haloscan comments. Maybe there's a way to restore them. If anyone knows drop me a line, would ya'? Edit: Looks like I figured that one out. Comments are back. My apologies to those receiving site feeds everytime I republish. You must be sick of me by now!

You may notice a contact me link as well as a link to my ebay store in the sidebar. Feel free to contact me this way (unless you are going to sign me up for uber-Spam... then keep your mitts off that link!).

I've also redesigned the blogroll a bit, using a few different categories. Since it's set up for me, I get to define the categories.

My Daily Routine is just that -- the blogs I try to visit daily. I try to keep this down to a dozen and since a couple of these guys only post once in a while, it's not too tough getting through 12 blogs every day.

Big Shots is for links of those folks who are well-respected and influential and whom I happen to enjoy reading. These guys don't need any publicity from little ol' me, but the links are there to remind me to stop in. They write too much good stuff for me to ignore them. And just because they are big shots doesn't mean I'll link to them. One Hand Clapping is a good blog, but there's rarely anything there for me. I'm a picky eater and a picky reader.

Brain Food is for finding out what's going on around the world. More often than not, there's a good blog post inspired by visiting one of those links.

Thinking Theology is for when I'm ready to strtch my mind a bit. Good thinkers and good thinking here.

Always Worth Reading is for everthing else that defies categorization. This list is constantly changing it seems. I know I've added at least half a dozen in the past month. Probably dropped ten or so as well. Just a reminder that if I drop your blog from the blogroll it doesn't necessarily mean I disapprove of it or that it's a bad blog. It simply means that I'm just not interested in what you've been blogging about lately. A ton of political posts will do that -- I lose interest after a while. Some blogs have been dropped due to inactivity -- usually two months without a post sets off alarms here in the Attention Span bunker. All in all though, I keep finding more and more blogs I like so I prune the blogroll to a manageable list that I actually want to go and read.

Anyway, I hope you like or at least can tolerate the new color scheme and layout.

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