Monday, October 10, 2005

Pastor's Either/Or

I got this from Monday Morning Insight: Not really a meme. Call it a game for pastors.

Basically NIV, although some of the verses hidden away in my heart come complete with the "thees and thous".

Megachurch or Small church?
Small church anyday. The interesting arguing point would be the definition of a small church. I prefer around 150-200.

Dress: Sunday Tie or no tie?
For myself, I'll usually wear a tie. Sometimes when it's cold, I'll wear a mock turtleneck with the suit or a blazer. An older pastor once told me to always "look like a pastor." While I thanked him for the advice, I rarely look like a pastor except for Sunday morning. It is then that I feel like the people expect a pastor to look like a pastor. In truth, my congregation has always told me they wouldn't care if I showed up in a clown suit and bunny slippers! Personally, I think they'd prefer it so they'd have something to keep their attention during the sermon!

Pro Rick Warren or Anti-Rick Warren?
I believe I've covered this one pretty extensively. In fact the search that brings visitors to this site more often than any other except "attention span" is "Rick Warren wrong." In short, I'd say that I firmly straddle the fence on Rick Warren. Read the post for my reasoning. Incidentally, I just got a visit over the weekend from a person searching for "nude wife pictures." The search brought up the Christian Carnival post. I'm betting that's not what they were hoping for!

Sermons: Manuscript or no manuscript?
In my first year in the pastorate, I typed up a manuscript. After a few months, I realized that I never once delivered the sermon as typed. Not even close. Anymore, I'll type out the outline, fill in some notes to steer me through (so I don't forget something I have planned) and that's it.

Ever 'heavily borrow' sermon material?
Illustrations, sure. Ideas, yes, although I'd never use someone else's outline. I usually disagree with most people's outlines!

Ever use someone elses' sermon Word for word?
Not a chance.

Communion: bread or cracker?
Bread. I'd rather not be crunching during Communion. I grew up in the Church of the Brethren where during the Love Feast we used real live unleavened bread. That's still my preference.

Contemporary or Traditional?
Yes. Don't ignore either side or you miss out.

Women Pastors or Guys only?
My denomination was one of the first to ordain women. It's still stated to be important in that church. I've always disagreed with it -- women as Senior Pastors, that is. Not because of ability, but because of role. I have no problem with women in the pastorate aside from being the senior pastor.

Ed Young or Erwin McManus?
I've never read McManus, so I can't give a great answer. I do enjoy Ed Young, though. Don't always agree, but I enjoy.

Rob Bell or Rick Warren?
Again with the Rick Warren??? As far as Rob Bell, I just picked up his book, Velvet Elvis, last week and am just getting started on it. I'll have to let you know on that one.

Ginger or Mary Ann? (or for you ladies, Gilligan or the Professor?)
I've always been a sucker for redheads, but Mary Ann wins hands down. (Apparently Gilligan isn't going to escape my consciousness this month!

Multi-Site or Church Plant? (or both?)
I'd have to go with "both" here because I'd hate to say that either is bad. I'm not huge on multi-site ideas, but there are places where it could be the best alternative. My beef is that we focus on attracting the Yuppies, but we ignore the low-income neighborhoods and many people who can't provide us the funds to sustain what we consider to be "good ministry." My friend Steve at whatever unloaded on this idea last week. I recommend reading his thoughts.

Root beer or Bud light?
Pepsi-Cola. But in the above question, there is only one answer for me -- root beer. I've posted recently on this as well.

Seeker Sensitive or Anti-Seeker Sensitive?
I don't mind seeker sensitive if it doesn't "dumb down" the worship to the point where believers aren't being fed. Willow Creek does seeker services on the weekends, but does what I consider "real worship" during the week. That I can handle. But we shouldn't shoot for converts only to neglect worship and discipleship.

Purpose Driven or Anti-Purpose Driven?
ARGH! Perhaps people are so anti-PDL because the subject is always being brought up? See above.

Saturday Church or Sunday Church?
Yes. Also Monday Church, Tuesday Church, Wednesday Church, Thursday Church, and Friday Church. We should always be and act like the Church. Now, when do I prefer services? My body clock is set for Sunday, but aside from that I don't think I really have a preference.

What do you think? Anybody have strong opinions on any of these one way or the other?

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