Thursday, October 27, 2005

Good Reads - 10/26/05

Some stuff that's too good to pass up from around the 'sphere:

Kevin at Short Attention Span expounds on a subject near and dear to my heart -- the selling of a church's soul. Are churches serving people or capitalizing on potential revenue sources? Read "Purpose Gets Left Behind" Churches.

Michael Spencer of Internet Monk is posting along the same lines. Here is his discussion of little churches trying to be like mega-churches, even when they don't have the resources. It may be long, but the Monk makes some good points.

The emuser is back! For now, anyway. His posts at bemuseme may be few and far between, but they are definately worthwhile. Read Family Ties and realize that pain and love often go hand in hand.

Shane at Wesley Blog posts about "Why I'm Addicted to Urban Ministry" and shares his heart about not just doing short term missions, but living that mission for a huge blessing.

And don't miss The Potluck at Christian Carnival XCIII over at White Ribbon Warriors. And thanks to Bill for stepping in at the last minute to host.

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