Monday, June 13, 2005

And the Book Meme

When it rains, it pours. Tagged again. This time by Quotidian Grace.

1. Number of books I own. I'd guess around 200-300. I don't keep myself heavily stocked, so to speak. I've learned the value of the public library, and I am blessed to live in a county with a good one -- unafraid to carry titles by Christian authors. Perhaps a more interesting question would be how many Bibles do I own. That would be around 15 or 16.

2. The last book I bought. Over the weekend I bought How Shall We Worship? by Marva J. Dawn. A few days earlier I picked up Why Men Hate Going To Church by David Murrow. (I'm a sucker for a provocative title!)

3. The last book that I read. I finished up Henri Nouwen's posthumous release Turning My Mourning Into Dancing. Interesting read, but it bogged down after a good beginning.

4. Books that mean a lot to me. I have to start with the Bible, of course, especially The Living Bible. I rarely read this paraphrase anymore, but for a boy trying to appreciate the relevance of an ancient book, TLB really helped me to understand what Scripture is all about. Aside from the Bible, I'm going through J. I. Packer's Knowing God once again. It's always a refreshing read. Most anything by Philip Yancey makes me do a lot of thinking. How Now Shall We Live? by Colson and Pearcey was an eye-opening read which helped me define my thinking more clearly. Beyond these, there are many books which mean a lot by helping to round out my understanding of many different theological issues.

5. Tag 5 other bloggers. Nope. I'm the chain-breaker, remember?! But if you want to be tagged, consider yourself tagged.

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