Monday, June 13, 2005

Other reads

While I get my thoughts sorted out, here are some great posts to read from Christian Carnival 73 at Reformed Politics:

The entry from Beyond the Rim, "Look at Me, Ain't I Wonderful?" is a good one, forcing us to consider why we look to be held up as special simply for acting as we are supposed to do.

John over at Locusts and Honey has a great treatment of Brian McLaren's "A New Kind of Christian" which is must reading -- especially if you've never read McLaren's ideas before.

Phil at Another Man's Meat has a fine reflection upon the sights and sounds in God's Cathedral at Kansas Turnpike, Mile Marker 109.

The Headmistress Zookeeper at The Common Room ties some interesting quotes together about how we justify our own actions in Reason Never Begins It.

Oh, and one not at the Carnival... I love to come across posts like this one at Molten Thought. It's fascinating to read the spiritual journies of other people.


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