Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Update - So Far So Good

Just to follow up on this post, conference is almost over and so far there has been good discussion and charity in disagreement. Many things have been changed and approved -- some I like, others I don't -- and some ideas will wait two years for a referendum process of all church members.

The part I was disappointed with was the attitude of wanting to hold onto so much control over small details at the local church level. No Santa Claus proposals yet, but still a feeling that every denominational church should look and work like every other one. It would be a wake-up call for some to visit some of our denomination's churches where English is never spoken, eh?

But as I stated in the comments of the other post, most all churches and denominations have to face this kind of thing. Those who don't face a pastor/leadership accountable to no one on earth, and that's not good either. Unless of course they have one of those "sinless" pastors!

Anyway, thanks for the prayers and please continue praying. The tough stuff might come from the local churches once word starts to filter back.

Back to work on my regular stuff. After I finish, I'll be checking out Christian Carnival at In the Spirit of Grace. See ya' there.

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