Thursday, June 16, 2005

Free Advertising for Others - 6/16/05

As I tried to do some catching up at a few other sites, I happened across a series of posts from Agent Tim about some alledged misinformation being spread about Rick Warren. Read "Rick Warren Responds to Lies?" for the information. Lighthouse Trails, who has been investigating says they will respond shortly.

Also Tim has this post and this follow-up post discussing problems with the PDL, which is very fair. I've already sounded off with this post (which is the most read at Attention Span unless you combine the whole Flip Wilson Theology series together).

And of course, it's Christian Carnival time and it's up at Daddypundit. Among the highlights:

A short but good one from Parableman which rings true to any of us parents with musically-inclined children.

Hammertime at Team Hammer's Musings has a good read on Biblical Inerrancy.

And at Callmeteem, read about one of the big dangers for pastors (not to mention laypeople) -- the need for humility.

And you really need to read Cookie Monster from Paula over at Listen In. Just do it.

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