Thursday, January 12, 2006

Good Reads - 1/12/06

While strolling through the blogosphere, I happened upon some posts which should be shared. I'll start with The Ultrasound Generation from Dr. Al Mohler's Blog. The post tells the story of some ten million baby girls aborted in India for the simple reason that ultrasound detected that they were female.

"When we think we have it nailed..." discusses the damage that some of the Christian battles for doctrinal supremecy on debateable issues. A teenager coming to grips with the faith is probably not ready for a full-blown condemnation as believing heresy. Mike at Soul Renovatus tells the story.

Are we really much different than Pat Robertson? Before you scream "YES" at the top of your lungs, read Anthony's piece at Abelard's Ghost, "Okay, okay! Rethinking Pat R..." See if this hits home.

Let the cessationist debate begin! Phil at Pyromaniac presents a reasoned post explaining why most all of us believe that many of the apostolic gifts aren't preserved in their original form. Read "You're Probably a Cessationist, Too" for a true beginning to a doctrinal debate. If these issues don't interest you, then skip it. I tend to skip past the comments at the 'maniac's place most of the time, but I may actually try to take it all in for this discussion.

And don't neglect the good stuff at Christian Carnival CIV arranged in a random order and hosted by Random Responses.

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