Thursday, January 19, 2006

How To Get Here - Mid January Edition

More, more, more... These are actual searches which directed people to Attention Span this month:

a. j. jacobs missed jeopardy question - Sounds like someone is getting desperate trying to dig up dirt on ol' A. J.

"getting a perm" barber - Oh, yeah. How does somebody find a bald blogger with a search like this, HUH?

husband affection - Just pointing out to my wife that if people want to know about affectionate husbands, they are directed to her husband!

stripes staring Bill Murray the movie army theme song with the trumpet - You search that many words, you're bound to come up with every blog in the 'sphere, right?

boys hair perm punishment - Sticks and stones may break my bones, but perms will make the guys laugh at me and shove my head in the toilet.

church reception facilities in chicagoland - Apparently Attention Span resembles the yellow pages.

why do kids break things - They don't. The dog did it. Really.

short history famous five - How famous can you be and still have a short history?

what is flip wilson doing? - Well, since 1998, breathing isn't on Flip's to-do list...

Finally you can get here without a search engine from Christian Carnival CV hosted by Dunmoose the Ageless.

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