Wednesday, January 04, 2006

How To Get Here - 12 Days of Christmas Edition

They just keep rolling in. These are actual searches which directed people to Attention Span this month:

how to make wife jealous - Some have the jealousy built in, but apparently others need to have jealousy installed later.

what alcohol to drink at a concert - I'm not sure I'm the expert on this one, but I'm guessing cheap beer at the symphony probably isn't a correct answer.

andy griffith toupee - Really? Surprise, surprise, surprise! You think it made him look like a goober? Was it just so he could hang out at Floyd's Barber Shop? Did Floyd know or couldn't he tell through those thick glasses? Did Barney ever shoot it off his head? And what about Helen Crump...

christian obstacle course - jumping stacks of Bibles, running past the dens of sin without entering, offering plate toss, you know how it goes...

rick warren buys saints - I never pictured Mr. Saddleback as an NFL franchise owner, but perhaps I was wrong. If true, I'd say this confirms that the Saints will be moved to Los Angeles. Maybe all the coaches will have to wear Hawaiian shirts.

One other way to get here is by following the link from Christian Carnival CIII, now posted at Miserere Mei. And while you're there, stop by and check out some of the best of the Christian blogosphere this week.

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