Saturday, March 04, 2006

Good Reads - Early March '06

I've been busy this week setting up the blog series for next week and a couple of sermon series for the church, so blogging has been light. However, I've found a few posts which I really enjoyed:

Ever run into an athevangelist? A protester standing outside your church with a sign proclaiming "GOD IS FAKE"? How would your church handle it? Here's how one church did it, posted by sparrow at Intent.

Do you know what every married person should know? Jim Martin of A Place For the God-Hungry has begun a series entitled 41 Things Married People Ought To Know. Start with part one.

I'm not sure if I can go along with Mark Driscoll's central thesis, but from the figures it appears the Presbyterians are dying off. Is it true that churches with a low view of Scripture diminish while those with a high view of Scripture tend to grow? Perhaps if those with a low view of Scripture simply stop attending a church. Beyond that, I'll need a little more convincing.

You think you're writing a lot? Check out the list of Ben Witherington's books coming out this year as well as the rest of his schedule. Sounds like some interesting reading for my wish list.


sparrow said...

Thank you for the link. That was a particularly powerful morning for me. ~ I always enjoy your blog when I stop by.
God bless.

STAG said...

Dat guy gots no respect. Imagine, an evangelical Athiest! Clearly a screw loose! Reminds me of the story about why Johovah's Witnesses hate halloween...they don't like it when pushy people they don't know keep ringing their doorbell.

Guy has a right to his opinion. He can print it, yell it, talk about it, try to get it made into law as long as he stays OFF of church property.

Similar to that woman who attends burials of war vets yelling at the parents, calling them murderers and worse for letting their children go off to war. Free speech, but OVER THERE please!