Wednesday, March 01, 2006

How To Get Here - In like a lamb, out like a stupid question

I never figured this would become a weekly feature, but the weird search strings keep rolling in. And perhaps I'm just blessed to get the weird stuff get to this place. But coming in like a lamb (just wait until they go out like a lion) are these searches which people actually bothered to search for:

Why are winter olympic games so important? - It provides outdoor activity for people in spandex suits?

nudist preaches behind pulpit pictures - Well, at least he stayed behind the pulpit. Hope it wasn't one of those fancy clear pulpits. Believe me, if I was the preacher, you don't want to see pictures!

Where did Thurston Howell III meet his wife? - Oh, come on, just go to or or something like that. I doubt Lovie's sister is still available.

famous church fights in history - Ladies and Gentlemen! In this corner... standing 4 feet 8 inches tall, weighing 170 pounds.... wearing a blue dress and hair to match... the champion, Church Treasurer, Mrs. O'Grady!

Swear old-fashioned expletive - Yeah, there are far too many people using those newfangled expletives these days. Gimme that old time swearing, gimme that old time swearing, gimme that old time swearing. It's good enough for me! Now turn down that racket! And you kids get off my lawn!

And there is the direct method... click the link on my post at Christian Carnival CXI which is posted now over at Wittenberg Gate. (And a big thanks to Dory for assembling the carnival at the last minute on short notice and on Ash Wednesday.)


Jennifer said...

Cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

Yours are so much more amusing than mine...guess I need to spice up my blog.

R. Stewart said...

And I'm not sure why the last comment left me anonymous (tho' to be safe, this is Ron from Northern 'burbs).


rev-ed said...

Ron, perhaps you had a blank expression on your face... ;)

Bethany said...

I've thought about doing one of these posts. I've had people get to my site by googling "Pictures of hikers eaten by bears","How to give your husband a massage", and "pictures of cannibals."

It cracks me up.

rev-ed said...

Bethany, just stop posting pictures of cannibal bears massaging your husband and all that will stop... ;)

Not Crunchy said...

Too funny! People always find my site by typing something in combination with the word "gay" even though I think I only posted on that once.