Friday, September 09, 2005

Brain Food - 9/9

After missing much of the beginning of this week, I'm finally getting caught up on some great writing from around the blogisphere. (Or is it blogosphere?) In any case, allow me to call your attention to these:

Kevin at Short Attention Span did some great interaction with a Cal Thomas column chiding people to stop enabling political preachers by sending them money. There are a ton of good points about what our Christian duty is and isn't. Check it out. (A tip of the ol' ball cap to Jeff the Baptist, who found it before I did.)

Hammertime at Team Hammer's Musings is moved to worship by something he never quite understood before in, "He Is Here".

And the tables have turned at Eternal Revolution, well for one post anyway. Chad has done a "pulpit swap" of sorts with I AM of Evangelical Atheist. Want to know how one real-life atheist thinks? Read this. Follow ups are here, here, here, and probably more places.

And of course, there is plenty more to digest at Christian Carnival #85 at Techogypsy.

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