Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Curse of a Christian Community

There is a small town near me where I spend the occasional day. The place is full of decent-sized churches (for this area) and the last statistics I've heard is that somewhere around 90 percent of the residents belong to one of the local churches. On the outside, the place would seem idyllic -- a Christian utopia. But I've always wondered about a few things, and I'd love some input from you:

Wouldn't living in a town like this make it tough to think about evangelism? I mean, any unbelievers are pretty much set in their ways. Who do you focus on serving?

Wouldn't such a place breed complacency in the church? How would you remain motivated?

Shouldn't there be an increased emphasis on missions work, especially work out of the local area?

Just one other note... the town has the reputation of being very "clique-ish" and hard to break into. What a sad label to have to place on a so-called Christian town.

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