Saturday, September 03, 2005

More Thoughts On Judgment, etc.

I've probably spent too much time reading through the blogisphere the past few days, but there is a whole lot of good stuff, especially from people reacting to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. That's been the unintentional focus of Attention Span this week. I guess God wants me processing all this because I didn't plan to write about Katrina much at all. Friday's post about God's judgment touched a few nerves with me and with others. After posting it, I found numerous other posts -- most written better than mine -- stressing other aspects of that subject.

I can't remember or bookmark all of them, but a couple have really stood out. I found these words at a blog called by farther steps:
America is a sinful nation. We are a nation that elevates sex and impossible standards of physical beauty to the pinnacle of existence. Nationally, we are more interested in “Sex in the City” than we are in God and our neighbor. We don’t hate God we ignore him. We’re indifferent about spiritual things and fill the void with voyeuristic television.
What a perfect description. Especially the line, "we don't hate God, we ignore Him." Doesn't that speak to not only our national attitude, but our own sinful rebellions?

Also some good reading at nelmezzo, where the poster focuses on our desire to point fingers at other when the fingers are pointing at us all.

And from a strict Reformed tradition, Joe Thorn at Words of Grace, offers up his thoughts on the subject shining the light on humility.

There are a ton of other posts out there -- on Katrina, on judgment, on the breakdown of order -- which will keep you as transfixed as the video from New Orleans did earlier this week.

And when you want to broaden your horizons, there is a lot of good stuff still on my reading list over at Christian Carnival 85, hosted this week by Crossroads.

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