Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Carnival Cruising

Christian Carnival #89 is up at In the Spirit of Grace. I'd right out 89 in romal numerals, but I lose count somewhere between XLIII and CDLVEIEIO. Next week I have the honor of hosting the 90th edition of the Carnival here at Attention Span, so this weekend I'll have to dust the profile, take out the trash and wax the blogroll. Work, work, work...

In the meantime, you might check out (Getting and Losing) Religion and the discussion at Eternal Revolution.

Also this amazing profound post, Oh... so it wasn't the music from Tiffany at To Love, Honor and Obey.

And a plug for my friend Tom at Brain Twitch and his post Developing the Developing.

Excuse me. Time to wash off the archives.

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