Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Just catching up around the 'sphere, but here's a few things to read:

Phil Johnson's reply to an email intended for the other Phil Johnson.

Last week's Christian Carnival (#87 for those of you scoring at home) was posted last week at Pseudo-Polymath. This week's carnival (#88 if my first grade math hasn't failed me) will appear on Wednesday at Digitus, Finger & Co.

A new type of carnival is readying it's debut. God Or Not will be a discussion between the faithful and faithless. Actually it would be between those with faith in God and those with faith in something else. In either case, a tip of the ol' ball cap to Eternal Revolution for the heads up. First round is about two weeks away. The topic is original sin.

Oh, and the holiday season is upon us. Be glad you missed this holiday. Apparently Jeff the Baptist has Holiday Fever.

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