Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Firefox Friendly Phase Duh

Alright, this time it should work for everyone. I downloaded Firefox and found the problem with the old template just as Lauren and Carol reported. The odd thing is that I had the exact same template at my test site and had no problems with it there in IE or in Firefox. After doing a line-by-line code comparison, I decided to reload the template and try again. This time I changed it to tan/brown just for a change of pace. I think all the bells, whistles and links are proper once again. If you have any problems, either email me or drop me a comment here. Thanks.


rev-ed said...

I had a little scare with this template too. If you are in Firefox, be sure to let the page load completely. I was getting the same mistake again until the last of it loaded.

Glad I don't have to go through it all again. Yet. ;)

worshipnaked said...

NOW I see you!

Lauren said...

Hoorah! Looks good. :)