Thursday, February 16, 2006

Good Reads - 2/16/06

I know the Carnival is up and there's plenty to read there, but here are some posts I can recommend for your intellectual and not-that-intellectual stimulation:

I'll begin with what is quite simply a must-read, especially if you are fighting or know someone who is fighting cancer. Written by John Piper on the eve of his prostate cancer surgery, bookmark this piece called, Don't Waste Your Cancer.

I briefly alluded to this post at IMonk before, but I'll give it a full-fledged plug (because a half-fledged plug isn't worth the fledging). It's called Three Questions About a "Secret" Rapture.

At Brain Twitch, Tom talks about a possible misunderstanding of Discipleship & The Great Commission.

Are we Christians obligated to tithe? Jeremy at Parableman has a good read on the Tithing argument .

One of the books I've wrestled with in 2006 is George Barna's revolution. Al Mohler gives a good review of the poor solution offered by Barna with A Revolution in the Making?

How 'bout some more Piper? He points out that unlike Muhammad, the essence of Christ's work is Being Mocked. (A tip of the ol' ballcap to Stephen at Doggie's Breakfast and to Adrian Warnock.)

It's not "Footprints", but it's close. (A tip of the ol' ballcap to Milton at Transforming Sermons.)

Finally, this "touching" post from Ben Witherington, What To Give Mom on Valentine's.


Milton Stanley said...

Glad you found something you liked at TS! Peace.

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