Wednesday, February 15, 2006

How To Get Here - Post-Valentine's Edition

No wonder traffic is up here at Attention Span... most every search string in the world seems to direct people here. All roads lead to Attention Span, including these:

drunken bobsled spectacular - A group of people who don't know enough not to Drink and Slide. Doesn't this just scream, "Pay-per-view event!"?

easy see targets - Which are, of course, better for practice than, say, invisible targets.

my wife's - I'm hoping this wasn't googled by a polygamist with grammar issues.

2006 winter olympics jesus - Sounds like one in a series of new action figures. Super Bowl XL Jesus, World Cup Jesus, Indianapolis 500 Jesus... collect the whole set!

does the town pay for my mailbox if the snowplow destroys it - Probably not, unless you can prove that your mailbox didn't just jump into the snowplow's path.

science project on moldy bagels - Not the thing I wanted to read right at breakfast time.

Olympic snow sweeping - Sounds like someone has been drinking while watching the Olympic coverage. Maybe it's the same person looking for the drunken bobsled spectacular.

2006 medals that have been a word - OK, it's time for someone to get this person away from the computer...

hair perm punishment - I'm really starting to get a bit concerned that I get three or four of these searches each week. I suspect there is a cult of brainwashed cosmotologists putting their kids through curly-headed torture.

what is right and wrong - Sometimes I find a string that just makes me wonder what was going on in this person's life that made him or her think that the answers to life's problems could be googled. If it were that easy, God would have written the Law upon our hard drives instead of our hearts and equipped us with WiFi and a real-live laptop instead of a lap.

Last, but not least, you can get to Attention Span from Christian Carnival CIX which is posted now over at Pursuing Holiness.

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Lauren said...

You crack me up! I love this idea - I get some weird search string myself. I can't copy you though, I couldn't be this funny. How much would you charge to write my post?