Tuesday, February 14, 2006

New Evidence Supports Conspiracy Theory!

I'm not big into conspiracy theories. I think people naturally try to find a reason why things didn't go the way they think they should. So people look for a second gunman, or a secret controlling organization, or a governmental cover-up to explain why their own theories are right and the available facts are manipulated and false. Just look at the hype over The DaVinci Code and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

On Super Bowl Sunday, I watched the game like countless others, disgusted by some of the worst officiating this side of the WWE. Being as I was pulling for the Seahawks, I got a little tired of the calls which usually seemed to benefit Pittsburgh. The next day I heard the many complaints that the referees were favoring the Steelers, including a few verbal jabs from Seattle's head coach. Of course, I just brushed those comments off as the ravings of disappointed fans and deranged lunatics.

That was before I saw a tape of the game and noticed something rather unusual. In view of this new evidence, I think there may be something to the charge of biased officiating in the Super Bowl. Maybe the refs actually were for the Steelers. See what you think:

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There you have it. The conspiracy theory holds up!

I found this picture and couldn't stop laughing. I just had to share. A tip of the ol' ball cap to Brad of Happy Mills.


A Human Bean said...

I am not a football fan and can proudly say a did not watch a minute of the game, but I do think you might be on to something. Now you just need to figure out how to get in on the action

julie said...

I'm skeptical about this evidence. Now, if there were a stack of $100, I might be swayed. The ones seem out of context. :)